Smoked Bacon

  • gluten free
Package type: VAC, MAP
Package size: 2 x 250g

Smoked Bacon Slices DuoPack 2x250g is smoked bacon, raw and sliced.

Smoked Bacon Slices DuoPack  Kaminiarz
Smoked Bacon Slices DuoPack 2x250g Package
Smoked Bacon Slices DuoPack 500g Package

Meat is carefully cleaned and skinned. It’s gristle-free. Top quality product. Smoked bacon is prepared according to a traditional method using alder wood smoke. Thanks to the specialized technology, we cut the meat into perfectly thin (1.5 mm) slices. The procedure is followed with frying, which turns the slice into a perfectly crispy bacon chip.

Unit packaging contains 500g of the product. Perfect quantity for the HoReCa segment. Served cold, smoked bacon also works well as a snack. More about the specificity of smoked bacon here.

Also available in bigger weights: 800g and less. If you are running a small restaurant, Smoked Bacon DuoPack is the right solution for you!

Advantages of Smoked Bacon Slices DuoPack 2x250

  • perfect weight for HoReCa!
  • no wastage or loss!
  • always fresh product!
  • skin and gristle free!
  • traditional smoked product!
  • more efficient cost control!
  • faster work in the kitchen!Higher quality and aesthetics of dishes! 

Use of Smoked Bacon Slices DuoPack 2x250g

  • breakfast and dinner - for sandwiches and oast! For scrambled eggs! For hamburgers!
  • lunch - for rolling asparagus and meat dishes like Polish “zrazy”! For roasting! For spaghetti carbonara! For soups!
  • snack - as a cocktail snack! For rolling prunes! For muffins!

Nutritional values of Smoked Bacon Slices 95g

Nutritional value w 100g %(100g)*
Energy 1030 kJ/248 kcal 12,0 %
Fat 20,0 g 29,0 %
- saturated fatty acids  7,0 g 35,0 %
Carbohydrates 2,0 g <1,0 %
- sugar 2,0 g 2%
Protein  14,0 g  28 % 
Salt 3,4 g 57,0 %

*Reference intake for the average adult (8400kJ / 2000kcal)


Store at + 2 ° C to + 6 ° C. Once opened, store in a refrigerator and eat within 48 hours.


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