Smoked Bacon

  • gluten free
Index: 018-15-000
Package type: VAC
Package size: 1 - 1,20 kg

Sales hit! Smoked Bacon Strips is top quality, smoked raw pork. The strategic product of KAMINIARZ brand is produced according to the best procedures and specialized technologies, from the best raw material. Smoked traditionally, with alder wood smoke.

Smoked Bacon Strips Kaminiarz

Smoked Bacon is great for baking, omelettes, greaves and cooking in general! More about the specificity of smoked bacon - here.

Due to the fact that during the smoking process the meat softens and chopping can be difficult, we offer smoked bacon in cubes as Smoked Bacon Cubes 180g and 500g.

Approximately 1kg in weight, perfect for the HoReCa segment and retail in meat shops and food stores. The product is also available in the ½ version as Gourmet Smoked Bacon. This weight is ideal for home use.


Advantages of Smoked Bacon Strips

  • the highest quality of meat!
  • always fresh!
  • traditionally smoked!

Use of Smoked Bacon Strips

  • breakfast and dinner - with scrambled eggs!
  • lunch - with soups! With traditional pierogis! With spaghetti carbonara! With gravy and as greaves! 

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