🥓 Bacon nutritional values

Did you know? As the effect of the advanced breeding work within the past few years, the level fat in pork carcasses has dropped dramatically. It’s richer in lean meat now!

nozyceIn the beginning of the 90s, the average meatiness of Polish pigs oscillated around no more than 43%! Currently, the average meatiness in a carcass equals 57%. It’s the result of a systematic work of genetics scientists and breeders who are constantly improving the meatiness of pigs. That’s why pork is as nutritional as other types of meat!

According to the nutritional charts of the 90s (Łoś-Kuczera and others, 1990), 100g of bacon used to contain 517 kCal (2165 kJ!). Also today, bacon remains the richest part of the pork carcass, but it contains only 322 kCal per 100g, ie. it’s 37% lower in calories!

Worth knowing: In comparison to poultry, pork contains less cholesterol (0,54 in contrast to 0,58-0,74 g per kilo) – click and find put more about the advantages of pork!

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