Steamed bacon 

Steamed bacon is the highest quality selected pork, processed after cooking. This is a strategic product of KAMINIARZ brand, produced in the form of patches, patches and solid dosage portions, according to the best procedures and specialized technologies, with the best raw material. After all ... tradition obliges!

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Steamed Bacon

PREMIUM! Steamed bacon marked with the symbol "DK" is the highest quality bacon in the brand's offer. It originally meant Danish origin of raw materials, today it is first of all synonymous with quality and savory, unique taste. Establishes market standards and is a reference for competing products!

Taste Polish bacon!

Steamed bacon is one of the most popular types of bacon. Universal flavor, slightly salty, devoid of characteristic smoky notes. Its tasteful neutrality makes it perfect for greaves. No wonder that steamed bacon strips of fixed weigh 250g are the most popular among our customers. It primarily provides aroma and is a carrier of other flavors. Due to its specificity, it leaves plenty of space for spices and further customization of flavors of dishes. It is not a dominating flavor, unlike in smoked products. Perfect meat condiment for frying or cooking.


The color of steamed bacon is pinkish, characteristic for fresh pork. It is more juicy than the dry, smoked products. As a result of bacon steaming, it acquires the desired fragility. Therefore, steamed bacon slices by KAMINIARZ are rated as extremely delicate as for this part of pork product. Especially when it comes to DK 95, the Premium product. This is why this bacon remains a great alternative to pork loin, cooked ham or other breakfast sausages.

However, whether you choose smoked bacon or steamed… you will choose well! You will enrich the dish with the unique aroma and taste of bacon. Surprise your family and friends! Take advantage of the inspiration you find on the "It tastes better with bacon” section!

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