Bacon for the food industry

Bacon is a universal, natural meat seasoning. Like no other kind of meat, it can bring out the best taste of dishes of which it is a component. Besides, it offers excellent flavor and a sense of meatiness and satiety.

fot jakoscThis specificity causes that bacon is an appreciated product in gastronomy (see HoReCa). We can find it in every kitchen regardless of whether it is an exclusive restaurant, a chain of pizzerias or a single food truck.

More and more often, bacon is also used in the whole widely understood food industry, which uses it as a component of the target product, or as a semi-finished product to obtain aroma and taste.

Crisps and corn puffs with a bacon taste are probably known by everyone. But bacon is also used by manufacturers of ready-made dishes, e.g. lunch sets in baking foil (e.g. chicken breast wrapped in bacon), instant soups, frozen vegetable stir-fry and pasta with bacon, frozen fast-food dishes (pizza with bacon, bacon casserole, burgers with bacon), or manufacturers of food in jars such as baked beans, meatballs, stuffed cabbage, cabbage soup, bigos (sauerkraut stew with meat), or tripe.

Bacon is more and more often used by baking industry, for example when making bread with bacon, or in order to obtain bacon flavors, and confectionery industry for example for the production of cookies, chocolates and other bacon-flavored products, as well as semi-finished products such as sauces, sprinkles, finally spices, aromas and marinades.

The use of bacon in the food industry is wide. The "Kaminiarz" brand based on advanced technological facilities (read INNOVATIONS) offers for recipients from this industry sector bacon in the following form:

  • bacon of various types - steamed, roasted, matured, smoked
  • smoked bacon - with a different smoking level, smoked with various types of wood - alder, beech, maple or other, on request
  • roasted bacon - with a different roasting level
  • bacon in slices - with different thickness of slices from 1.5mm
  • bacon in lardons - with different thickness or height of strips
  • bacon in various weights of packaging according to the needs of recipients


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