Smoked bacon

Raw smoked bacon is the highest quality selected pork, traditionally smoked. It is a strategic product in the KAMINIARZ brand, manufactured according to the best procedures and specialized technologies, from the best raw material. Smoked with alder wood smoke. After all ... tradition obliges!

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Smoked Bacon

PREMIUM! Smoked bacon marked with the symbol "DK" is the highest quality bacon in the brand's offer. Originally meaning the Danish origin of raw materials, today it is synonymous with high quality and savory, unique taste. It establishes market standards and is a true reference for competing products!

Taste Polish bacon!

Smoked bacon can determine the final taste of the dish better than steamed. The smoking process leaves a clear taste of smoke, is more salty, more defined and stronger. Depending on the different parameters of smoking (e.g. smoke density) is more or less perceptible. In the KAMINIARZ plant we choose smoking parameters to obtain a characteristic and incomparable taste, defined by our customers as savory. In a nutshell, it is a perfect meat condiment for frying or cooking.. 


As a result of smoking, the color of the bacon inside turns into dark maroon, while the outer part gains an intense brownish-cherry color, and the texture becomes ductile. Due to this structure, raw smoked bacon is difficult to cut. For our gourmets, we have introduced smoked sliced and cubes bacon!.

However, whether you choose smoked bacon or steamed… you will choose well! You will enrich the dish with the unique aroma and taste of bacon. Surprise your family and friends! Take advantage of the inspiration you find on the "It tastes better with bacon” section!

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