Cold Store Services in Poland

Freezing and storage of meat 

“KAMINIARZ” Meat processing plant offers storage and freezing services for meat products in a new cold store.

Cold store parameters:

  • flash freezing performance: 20 tons/day
  • product storage at temperatures down to -18 degrees Celsius
  • cold rooms equipped with modern temperature monitoring systems
  • advanced IT system for comprehensive cold store management, full product traceability


  • storage of meat products
  • cooling and freezing of white, red and other meat….
  • packaging, repackaging, palletizing, labelling, picking 

“KAMINIARZ” Meat processing plant has implemented quality systems:

  • BRC 8
  • Good Manufacturing and Hygienic Practices

The cold store is located in Poland, in Święciechowa (Greater Poland Voivodeship).


Are you looking for a meat cold store or freezer? Contact us! 

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