🥓 Where to buy bacon?

Are you wondering where to buy high quality bacon – smoked, steamed, crispy, fried, raw, maturing or BBQ? Check out our offer! We supply the Polish and European markets at the following chain stores: TESCO, LIDL, ALDI, MAKRO CASH & CARY, SELGROS, SPAR, NETTO, LECLERC, INTERMARCHE.

Join the group of satisfied customers who buy bacon made by Kaminiarz! One of the biggest Polish producers and exporters of bacon and pork products, with traditions reaching back as far as 1926.

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Dział Handlu:
Tel. +48 65 529 95 51, Tel. +48 609 447 347
Tel. + 48 697 034 190
HoReCa + 48 798 073 745


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