Innovative crispy bacon's!

Bacon is a strategic product of KAMINIARZ brand, one of the most respected European bacon producer! We produce it according to the best procedures and specialized technologies, from the selected raw material. Tradition, however, obliges not only to quality but also ... innovation. That is why we introduced bacon in sliced, lardons (cubes) and bits crispy forms

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Crispy Bacon

New in the category of convenience products. Using unique technology, we enhanced the process of frying. This process is carried out using dry flow technology, hot air, oil free! 

Taste Polish crispy bacon!

Sliced, lardons or bits crispy bacon is produced with a 50% degree of frying. The characteristic and expressive flavor of frying is the most popular among the fans of smoked bacon. The taste and compact consistency make it a great addition to dishes like classic scrambled eggs, hamburgers, tortilla or salads. Bacon in this form is also a great cold bacon snack.

Structure - 100g of product made of 200g of meat!

The golden brown color of the crispy bacon makes it impossible to confuse it with any other bacon. Thanks to the technology mentioned above paired with suitable frying parameters, the bacon retains the desirable crispiness. For consumers who love salads enriched with the aroma of meat, we have prepared fried bacon for salads, chopped into very small pieces, perfect for embellishing any dishes. But the most important thing is the unique meatiness. To produce every 100g of fried products we used 200g of meat!

Where to buy crispy bacon?

Crispy bacon slices, lardons and bits bacon are the freshly launched new-ins. Please contact directly with the export department directly at + 48 798 073 745 or e-mail:  

However, whether you choose smoked bacon or steamed… you will choose well! You will enrich the dish with the unique aroma and taste of bacon. Surprise your family and friends! Take advantage of the inspiration you find on the "It tastes better with bacon” section!

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