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The Management Board of ZMW KAMINIARZ Sp. z o.o. S.K. declares that on August 20, 2020, the license agreement with the Polish Association of People with Celiac disease and on the Gluten Free Diet for the use of the "crossed wheat ear" trademark in commercial and marketing activities was terminated.

Termination of the agreement – concluded for the first time on August 20, 2015 and renewed annually – obliges the plant to discontinue use of the "crossed wheat ear" trademark by November 20, 2020. This means that from that day the "crossed wheat ear" trademark will no longer be used on packaging, labels, website, commercial and marketing materials of the KAMINIARZ brand.

At the same time, the Management Board informs that the meat and sausage products manufactured in the production plant in Święciechów are still gluten-free. The quality and production procedures guaranteeing the gluten-free nature of the production remained unchanged. The changes only concern the method of commercial designation of products, which will now have the own mark of a gluten-free production plant.

Bezglutenowy boczek marki Kaminiarz

- We are joining the leaders of the food market who have also decided to implement a proprietary labeling system for gluten-free production. – justifies the decision Tomasz Przymencki, production director of ZMW Kaminiarz – We thank the Association for five years of fruitful cooperation - he adds.

The Management Board expresses the hope that the changes in the new identification of packaging are clear to such a degree that people with gluten intolerance will have no doubts about the gluten-free origin of meat and sausage products under the KAMINIARZ brand.


The "KAMINIARZ" brand is primarily a specialized bacon production plant. The plant produces 50 tons of bacon daily, has specialized lines for its cutting and processing, including a unique technology for the production of baked bacon, in the oil-free technology. It is the only Polish plant producing so-called "Back Bacon". The plant’s offer is complemented by a limited production of premium cold meats and smoked meats, made of ham, sirloin and loin. The plant supplies domestic and foreign leaders of the HoReCa segment and the food industry.

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